Optimised Process & System Innovation

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In addition to the IO Team assisting with Product Innovation they also are able to assist businesses to innovate by providing the following:

  • A superior IO New Product Development Management System called OPD
    • OPD replaces the Stage-Gate Process
    • IO specifically developed OPD to provide a faster, lower cost and more consumer focused system that can be used for products, processes and management systems alike
  • Develop Optimised Production Capability
    • Whether launching a new product/brand and thus new plant and equipment, modifying a current product, or renovating a current production line
  • Innovation Audits/Health Checks of:
    • Processes, Systems, Company Innovation Cultures and Team
    • Providing Optimised Innovation Solutions

We can come and help with all or just one or two of these areas

Our outsourced team will consist of the appropriate experts to ensure a ‘tailored business solution’ for your business need