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OPD – the IO Product Development Process & Management Tool

  • A superior IO New Product Development Management System called OPD
    • OPD replaces the Stage-Gate Process which was first introduced to the business environment in the 1980’s. IO specifically developed OPD to provide a faster, lower cost and more consumer focused system that can be used for products, processes and management systems alike
    • Advantages of OPD over other systems
      • Emphasis is on Innovation versus on Process and Delivery
      • Core focus on Customer throughout
      • Comprehensive Ideas Generation at the Front End
      • Optimises delivery of True Innovation
      • Is not ‘easy to Kill Good Ideas’
      • Fluid System – changes can be made without major revisions and repeating stages

Supporting Marketing & Innovation Tools

IO have a range of supporting Marketing and Innovation Tools which can be employed and used based on our client’s needs. We are also able to create bespoke tools if and when required