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The Schweppes brand had lost relevance amongst younger consumers and was in a price war

Research confirmed that the Schweppes brand had declined significantly in relevance amongst young adults and was having brand value eroded further through minimal innovation, media support and major aggressive price attacks by key competitors


Sales of Golden Circle’s range of carbonated juice products were in major decline and if this were not addressed they would soon no longer participate in this profitable segment of the market

Current range carried the Golden Circle brand and communicated an “out of touch” and “non differentiated positioning”. It needed more than a “face-lift”


In 2009, GC was close to being in default on its banking covenants and radical steps needed to be taken if the company was to survive. Extensive market research had shown that the GC brand lacked a suitable product portfolio that appealed to existing and emerging consumer groups


The Golden Circle brand was dated, stagnating and needing sales growth

The Golden Circle business needed to achieve aggressive sales targets fast, in order to deliver both confidence and profitability to key stakeholders. Maximum value had been extracted from the current range through BTL sales activity. The Golden Circle brand had become irrelevant and needed major evolution work which takes time


Tropical Harvest Queensland was having difficulty with quality safety and cost of existing mango peeling and slicing methods

Existing machinery was poorly designed, had safety issues and damaged fruit. In addition the existing designs were not able to peel and slice fruit at the same time. This required rehandling of the fruit creating additional costs and reducing the quality of the finished product. Tropical Harvest QLD was faced with having to manually peel and slice mango for their heat pump dried product. This would mean the product would no longer be viable


Nerada Tea required a new dryer as part of its process line; one which would limit energy use and thus reduce the overall cost of the process

Fluid bed drying is a very effective drying method for products such as tea. But to achieve uniform air flow, traditional design methods rely on a high “pressure drop” across the perforated bed, which in turn leads to high electrical energy use for the fans


An opportunity to capitalise on the growing importance fresh herbs were playing in the home cooking and entertainment trend led Berri Ltd to decide to launch an innovative range of ‘fresh herbs’ in a convenient to store and use format (i.e. straight from the fridge) by consumers

Take market leadership of a new market niche identified – develop and launch packaged Herbs which have their fresh flavour and colour preserved, in a chilled clear plastic tube format to make it easy for consumers to use and store at home